A little bit about us

Richard, Oliver and Harry Brown of Richard Brown Hair, are proud to announce a major new development.

Our family business, which has been so successful for more than 25 years, has moved to a fashionable new address in Hemel Hempstead’s historic Old Town.

Our new salon is situated on the south side adjoining Gadebridge Park– in one of the beautiful period buildings that step down from the Old High Street. Some of these buildings date back to the 15th century.

The new Brown salon is actually sited in the building that was used for the popular BBC series “Pie in the Sky”.

The interior of the building has been completely refurbished and custom-fitted to meet our requirements – with the knowledge that we have gained over many years in the business. We know what works and have created a space that is, at the same time, both spacious and cosy –so ensuring each customer feels that their needs are being individually attended to – in the beautiful and relaxing ambience of this salon.

As well as Richard’s extensive experience and creativity, he is very proud of his sons, Oliver and Harry – who are great ambassadors for the business. Although they are both young, they have some great experience and knowledge that they have gained through professional training and a number of years in the family business.

In his career Richard has worked with some of the top names in the hairdressing business, working creatively with the top models. He has also worked in the film and show business worlds with stars such as Shirley Bassey. He provided the hair styling for period films such as “Oswald Mosley” (set in the 1930s) and “The Great Train Robbery” (set in the 1960s). That experience also extends to working at Glastonbury and for the charity “Cruise” which is a bereavement charity holding 1940s fashion events.

So the future looks bright in our new salon. Richard Brown Hair provides a unique experience for new and existing customers by offering a friendly and professional service – with specialists in colouring and experts in cutting edge fashion., You will feel this welcoming atmosphere as soon as you work though the door – a modern approach in a traditional setting!